The characteristics of the Buffalo

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What are the characteristics of the Buffalo?

The characteristics of the Buffalo

Those are born under the year of the Buffalo are among the world's hardest workers. Stamina and persistence is their great strength. They are not complainers and they can withstand considerable pressure. Other people may turn to them for help and great burdens may fall on their shoulders. They can be stubborn and once they are set on a path they are unlikely to deviate from it even if the course is charted in error. In the same way they are impassive. Even if they are beset by worries, they are likely to keep to themselves and reveal little to the outside world. Buffalo people usually remain in the same job or profession for a long period of time. They undertake whatever they are asked to do and make a sincere effort to complete it. They are reliable colleagues and are noted for their honesty



1/5/2007 7:23:59 PM
Matisse said:

I don't know if that's true to absolutely every person in the world born under the buffalo but I think that for people with the buffalo totem that is completely true.


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