The characteristics of the Dragon

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What are the caracteristics of a Dragon?

The characteristics of the Dragon

People born in the year of the Dragon are endowed with a spirit of great power. The Dragon is the embodiment of wisdom, strength, and the energy of unending transformation. The energy of the Dragon is the potential for effortless movement, the ability to undertake and accomplish vast endeavours, to think and work on a marvellous scale. Thus, with this energy, the person is ready to take up any challenge, to respond to any request, and to adapt to constant changes of plan. They are normally able to carry others with them and to receive respect and support from those with whom they work, play and live. Dragons are at home in a world of dreams. They can detach themselves easily from the inconvenient realities of daily life and direct their vision elsewhere. They are wonderfully creative and make gifted artists and visionaries. Yet despite their active imaginations, they are extraordinarily steady, firm of purpose, and solid. Their openness makes it easy for them to strike up a wide range of friendships. Sometimes their lofty attitudes and remarkable powers may make others jealous, but Dragons are not usually dragged down into such conflicts. They are blessed with good fortune, not merely because they enjoy good luck, but also because of their ability to adjust to the perpetual flow of life's changes.



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