The characteristics of the Snake

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What are the caracteristics of a Snake?

The characteristics of the Snake

People born in the year of the Snake are often endowed with highly developed qualities of sensitivity. They often exhibit an uncanny perception and seem to be constantly alert. They really enjoy life and they know how to appreciate the things they like. Snakes will stick with things to see them through to completion. Timing is the specialty of such people. They are brilliant at lying in wait. They may wait months or years patiently observing and then, at precisely the right moment, they will make their move. If you embark on a vast project which is fraught with difficulty, you could do no better than to have the Snake's wisdom and determination on your side. Suppleness is the hallmark of those born in the year of the Snake. That is the secret of the powerful way in which they are able to use and concentrate their internal energy.



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