The characteristics of the Monkey

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What are the characteristics of a Monkey?

The characteristics of the Monkey

People born in the year of the Monkey often have a inner spirit imbued with the lightning energy of our ancestral primates. Their minds normally move with remarkable speed. They have the mental gift of being able to learn quickly and, like all monkey's, to copy and imitate whatever attracts them. Their energetic intelligence also gives them the power to come up with new ideas, to invent new ways of doing things, and to dream up new systems and products. Sometimes Monkey's may appear insensitive to others because of their fast moving energy but this is usually short lived. They are not highly independant types and make friends easily. They can be extraordinarily helpful in times of need. Monkey's are high achievers, constantly intent on self improvement and have a secret ambition to be heroes. Their ambition is so great that they study hard in school, train hard in sports, are keen competitors, and are determined to win at whatever they turn their hand to. If they make an error they carefully examine what has happened, figure out what went wrong, and then carry on. They learn from their mistakes and rarely give up. In fact, their weakness may be not knowing when to stop!



11/3/2006 5:19:23 AM
Kgotso Lentle said:

It sounds like me but what or which is the year of the monkey?

11/5/2006 3:11:49 PM
Amber said:

I think monkeys are very smart and understand humans and I think they are the closests animal to humans. THey are very smart and sociable

11/14/2006 1:04:41 PM
kendra said:

this is very intelligent of you to do this and i luv monkies very much... so this page should be dedicated to all the monkey lovers :)

6/21/2007 8:15:08 PM
Miss said:

I love Monkeys tooo... Monkeys must learn to respect others as well..Arrogance and lack of consideration for others feelings can be hurtful.. Most Monakey people have a fun and pure nature.... Monkeys are Great.. Really..LOL


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