The characteristics of the Rooster

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What are the caracteristics of a Rooster?

The characteristics of the Rooster

People born in the year of the Rooster tend to express their unique energy through the arts and human relationships. They are often extremely gifted musicians. They love singing, whether it be on the stage, at parties, or in the shower. Their creative spirit may emerge in other ways: in sculpture, drawing, painting, designing, or the performing arts. They have powerful imaginations and can be highly inventive. If their energy is not able to express itself artistically, it may manifest in scientific or commercial innovation or, more simply, in striking personal creativity, perhaps born of a rich fantasy life. They have the natural ability to focus their energy on what they are doing. When they are engaged in something they love, they put all their heart into it and they are capable of working with great speed. Roosters have the strength of persistence and exhibit considerable personal power. Normally, they know what they want and they make every effort to achieve it. These are not easy people to order around. They have an inner bravery, which makes them normally straightforward and honest in their dealings with others. They make wonderful friends. The Rooster's temperament is like changeable weather and since they are often a little unsure of themselves, they may end up in situations where they are subject to the control of other people. When they have problems, they tend to struggle with them internally and may bottle things up for long periods. Rarely do Roosters fight back, but when they do, it is with an exceptional display of their full powers.



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