Calculating your personal Kua number

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How do I calculate my Kua number?

Calculating your personal Kua number

In order to find out what Kua number you are you must do the following calculation.
Add the last two digits of your *Chinese year of birth. e.g. 1978, 7+8=15
If the sum is higher than 10, always reduce to a single digit thus 1+5=6
For Males : subtract from 10 thus 10-6= 4 so for men born in 1978 the Kua number is 4.
For Females: add 5 thus 5+6=11 then 1+1=2 so for women born in 1978 the Kua number is 2.
If you get number 5 which is not used in the Kua formula, follow number 2 if you are male and number 8 if you are female.
*The Chinese New Year does not start January 1st so if for example you are born before the Chinese New Year in 1964, your Chinese year of birth will be 1963.



3/14/2007 11:53:47 PM
Kim said:

Interesting calculation, where is the meaning of the numbers?


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