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What about bathrooms?


Bathrooms should be kept neat and tidy. The simpler the better. It is also preferable if the toilet cannot be seen from the door or entrance to the bathroom. If you can have the toilet completely separate from the bath and shower this is even better. If you are building your home then try to situate the bathrooms in harmful areas of your home, that way they will drain the negative energy.

What´s the difference between Compass school and Life Station method´s

Compass school

Often people ask what is the difference between compass school Feng Shui and Black Hat Sect Feng Shui. The answer is that compass school Feng Shui uses a compass to determine the facing of your home and depending on the facing degree, we are able to determine the fortunate and harmful areas in your home. In the Life Station method, you line up your front door with one of either the knowledge, career or helpful people sectors depending on where the door is with respect to your home. In Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, each direction has what is called a life station. For example the North is the Career life station, the Southeast is the wealth life station and so on. In compass school Feng Shui you will have 4 fortuante directions and 4 harmful directions and one of the fortuante directions will be your career sector and it will not necessarily be the North. Black Hat Sect Feng Shui is a simplified system of Feng Shui that was developped by Master Lin Yun.

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