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Is it bad if the staircase is directly in front of my main entrance?

Staircases and the main entrance

You should avoid having a staircase that lands immediately at your front door. All the sheng chi (positive energy) will travel down the stairs and out your front door. If you have this problem, you may hang a wind chime directly in front of the door that falls in front of the staircase.

Is it bad if my front and back doors are aligned?

Front and Back door alignment

You should try to avoid any home that has the main entrance lined up with the back exit. The sheng chi (positive energy) that will enter your home will immediately exit by the back. If you have this problem then you must place something in the energy's path. This could be a vase, a table or if you have a lot of air flow then you could hang a wind chime in the center point between the two.

Is a pie shaped lot good?

A pie shaped lot

A pie shaped lot is not a recommended one. If the tip of the pie is where your house is located, the Chi will have difficulty entering. The space will be too constricted. Should you have to choose a pie shaped lot, choose one where the point is at the back of your home and not in the front. Generally though, you should try to avoid this shape.

Is a triangular lot good?

A Triangular lot

This is the most unfavorable of all the lot shapes. Generally, it's very difficult to position anything inside or outside of the house that doesn't create sha chi. Also, angular lots are disorienting.

Is a rectangular lot good?

A Rectangular lot

A rectangular lot is good as long as the house is positioned to the front of the lot. This allows the Chi to flow easily into the house and be dispersed.

Is there such a thing as too many bathrooms?

Number of Bathrooms

You should avoid homes that have too many bathrooms. They drain the positive energy from your home if they are situated in favorable directions and generally they are areas of waste and not considered to be fortunate. If they are all located in harmful areas then they are less negative.

Is a house all right if there are electrical wires overhead?

Electrical wires overhead

Electrical wires over the roof of a home may cause illness to it's occupants. The most common ones being headaches and sinus problems. Children are more succeptible to the electromagnetic energy so they should be located as far away from them as possible. Electrical wires overhead are to be avoided when choosing a new home.

Is a bathroom in front of the main entrance to your home bad?

Bathrooms located in the main entrance

You should avoid choosing a home where the bathroom is located directly in front or on top of the main entrance. Bathrooms are considered to be harmful areas in Feng Shui so you do not want to have harmful energy taking over the sheng chi (positive energy) entering through your main door.

Is a square lot good?

Square lots

In Feng Shui a square shape denotes stability and balance. Chi is able to flow freely, unobstructed. Ideally your house should be situated in the center of the lot, allowing Chi to circulate around the structure and through its windows and doors, nourishing the occupants.

Should I move near an electrical tower?

Electrical Towers

You should not choose a home that is directly in front of or beside an electrical tower. The electromagnetic energy can prove to be very harmful for the occupants. Should you already have a home with this problem, a small pond in the garden or an aquarium placed in the window directly facing the tower, will effectively absorb the negative energy.

Are spiral staircases bad?

Staircase in the center of your home

You should avoid buying a home that has a spiral staircase directly at the center of your home. The staircase will act as a corkscrew boring through the center or heart of your home. This is considered to be negative for the occupants of the home.

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