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Where do I place the Three-Legged Frog for prosperity?

The Three-Legged Frog

The Three-Legged Frog with a coin in its mouth and surrounded by yet more coins signifies an abundance of riches. If you want to display one in your home, the best place is on a low table in the living room in full view of the main door. Do not place the frog on the floor. It is always advisable to elevate good-fortune symbols slightly.

Where can I put the Chinese coins for business prosperity?

Chinese lucky coins for business

Tape three coins tied with red thread on the southeast corner of your work table or desk to energize money luck. Tie three coins with red thread and attach them to your ledger book. The side with the four characters on it should be facing up. Another excellent way of using the coins is to tie three coins together with red thread and then stick them onto your sales invoice files, check book, or any folder that has to do with income. The coins are said to be powerful activators when used this way.

How do I create a wealth bucket?

Create a wealth bucket for prosperity

Use a wealth bucket for prosperity. A wealth bucket filled with coins is a wonderful way to enhance the metallic energy of the North West. Use a decorative container made of metal and fill it with coins. Place it inside a cabinet in the North-west. Do not display it openly.

Where can I put the Chinese coins in the entrance to my home or store?

Chinese lucky coins in the entrance to your home or retail store

You can bury nine of these coins in a pathway just under the pavement that leads to your home, or if you live in an apt., stick them under a mat just outside your door. This represents money making its way to your doorstep. Make sure red thread has been tied around the coins. If you own a retail store, this will greatly increase your sales and your turnover.

What activates the South East?

Activating the South East for wealth

Place plants in the South-east corner of your office in order to activate the wealth energies. Displaying the symbol of the oak, preferably with acorns, in the south-east corner of your office is said to bring success and prosperity.

Who is the Laughing Buddha?

The Laughing Buddha

There are a number of deities who are believed to bring wealth luck into households. One of them is The Laughing Buddha. This is an extremely popular deity with business people. This fat Buddha, with a broad smiling face and a huge fat belly, can often be seen, usually in standing form, in restaurants and jewelry stores. The Laughing Buddha is also portrayed fanning himself while seated on a bag of gold (depicting wealth), or surrounded by a group of five children.

Where do I sit when I am conducting business?

The power position

Always sit in the power position and preferably facing one of your good directions when conducting business. This means that you will have a clear view of the door and the windows will be located either to the side or to the front of you. Never sit with your back to the door.

Who are the Gods of Wealth and how do I place them?

The Chinese Gods of Wealth

The most popular are the three star gods, collectively referred to as Fuk, Luk, and Sau, which literally translated means wealth, affluence, and longevity. They are present in almost all Chinese homes and are believed to bring great good luck to households, especially wealth luck. Fuk, Luk and Sau always stand alongside one another.
Luk, the god of high rank and affluence, holds the scepter of power and authority. He stands on the right.
Fuk symbolizes happiness and wealth, stands a head taller, and is placed in the center.
Sau, with his domed head and carrying a peach in one hand and a walking stick in the other, is often accompanied by a deer and stands on the left.

How can I give prosperity to my friends?

Give the gift of prosperity to your friends

Give a red packet containing 3 coins tied with red thread to symbolize the offering of wealth luck to your friends

Is an aquarium beneficial in the South East?

Activate the wealth luck of the south east with water

Have an aquarium in the south-east corner of your office to enhance your wealth luck. Use goldfish as they are red in color. You can also hang pictures of fish in water in the south east corner of your office should the aquarium not be suitable.

How do I attract wealth luck into my home?

Chinese lucky coins for your home

Tie 3 lucky coins with red ribbon and hang them around the door handle to your main entrance door. They must be hung on the inside in order to symbolize that wealth has entered your home. Never hang these coins on your back door.

How can I use the Chinese coins to attract wealth?

Lucky coins in your purse

Tie 3 Chinese lucky coins with red thread and put them in each handbag and wallet or purse you own in order to activate and symbolize a never-ending source of income for yourself.

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