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What colors are considered Yin?

Yin colors

The most prominent Yin colors are green and blue. You would use them to calm down an overly Yang environment.

What are the characteristics of Yin?

The characteristics of Yin

Yin is known as; the darkness, the moon, the north, the night, stillness, sadness, quiet, sleep, intuition, meditation, reading.

What is Yang?

Definition of Yang

Yang represents the active principle in nature exhibited by light, heat, and dryness. On a human level, yang represents masculinity and the positive side of our emotions. Also, yang represents the realm of the living.

What is Yin?

Definition of Yin

Yin represents the passive principle in nature exhibited as darkness, cold, and wetness. On a human level, yin symbolizes femininity and inertia. Also, yin represents the realm of the dead.

What colors are considered Yang?

Yang colors

The most prominent Yang colors are Yellow and Red. You would use them to brighten up an overly Yin environment.

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