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How does clutter stop you from moving forward in life?

Having clutter can keep you in the past

When all your available space is filled with clutter, there is no room for anything new to come into your life. Your thoughts tend to dwell in the past, and you feel bogged down with problems that have dogged you for some time. You tend to look back rather than forward in your life, blaming the past for your current situation rather than taking responsibility for creating a better tomorrow. Clearing your clutter allows you to begin to deal with your problems and move forward. You have to release the past to create a better tomorrow.

How can I work on letting things go?

De-Clutter with Feng Shui

Living in balance and harmony makes people happy. People who live in a chaos fee anxious and unhappy. Applying Feng Shui principals help you create a harmonius environment. Feng Shui is a way to arrange your space and your lifestyle so that it is in sync with the nature and with you. The words Feng Shui mean "wind" and "water”. Just like wind and water swirl freely around in their environments, people should be able to move and function with ease in theirs. Feng Shui principals help create surroundings in which negative energy is prevented and positive energy is allowed to flow freely without obstruction. Failing to apply some basic rules and cures lead to disorder, chaos, turmoil, and sometimes even disaster. Beneficial energy flow in buildings is obtained by correctly arranging furniture and not allowing energy stagnation in any area. The latter is accomplished by not letting clutter build up. Clutter has non- beneficial effects on people mentally and emotionally, also it causes many physical problems. The main rule to prevent a build-up is having only what is really needed and loved in our environment. This requires a thorough uncluttering and letting go off many objects which accumulate for years. After this part is accomplished, the furniture is then arranged with energy flow and functionality in mind. The rest of Feng Shui principals and cures are applied for further enhancement. Sorting through belongings and deciding to let go is a hard process for many people. Attachments can cause great deal of anxiety. Decluttering is a difficult process for those who really have a hard time to let go.. Below are some simple and effective preparation methods

MEDITATION: Going for a walk, or just sitting quietly in a room by yourself. In your minds eye, imagine the way your place will look when everything is done. Picture your space in your mind. What do you want it to look like? Dream of the colors, the layout of the furniture, the fabrics, the décor and the mood of your place. Smell the new paint, and the fresh aroma of the cleaned rooms. Imagine yourself in your recreated space. Feel the smile and happiness in your face. :

ATMOSPHERE: Clean thespace. Bring in fresh flowers andsome candles. Prepare some music that you love to listen while you are working.

PEACE and QUIET: No phone calls- received or made, no TV, no radio shows.

How much can clutter cost you financially?

Having clutter can cost you financially

What does it actually cost you to keep your clutter? Lets do some math. Go into each room of your home and estimate the percentage of space that is taken up by the things your rarely or never use. Be honest. If you want the blatant truth, include everything you don't absolutely love or haven't used in the last year or so. *You may end up with a list that looks something like this:

1. Entrance foyer 5 percent
2. Sitting room 10 percent
3. Dining room 10 percent
4. Kitchen 30 percent
5. Bedroom 1 40 percent
6. Bedroom 2 25 percent
7. Junk room 100 percent
8. Bathroom 15 percent
9. Cellar 90 percent
10.Attic 100 percent
11.Garden shed 60 percent
12.Garage 80 percent

Total 565 percent

Now divide the total by the numbe of areas. 565 percent divided by 12 areas = 47% junk per room!!

So, in this case, the cost of storing clutter works out to be a staggering 47% of the cost of the rent or mortgage for your home!

* Taken from Karen Kingston's book called "Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui"

How does clutter cause tiredness and lethargy?

Having clutter can make you tired and lethargic

Most people who hoard clutter say they can't find the energy to begin to clear it. They constantly feel tired. But the stagnant energy that stacks up around clutter actually causes tiredness and lethargy. Clearing it frees up the energy in your home and releases new vitality in your body.

Can clutter create depressive feelings?

Having clutter can depress you

The stagnant energy of clutter pulls your energy down and can make you feel depressed. Feelings of hopelessness are compounded by clutter and can be relieved to some extent by clearing it because you create space for something new to come into your life.

What does anything unfinished mean?

Anything unfinished

Things not dealt with in your home reflect issues not dealt with in your life, and they are a constant drain on your energy. Buttons that need sewing on, phone calls you need to make, relationships you need to move on from, and many other different forms of loose ends in your life will hinder your progres if you do not deal with them. Your subconcious mind will suppress these things nicely for you if you ask it to, but it takes a lot of your energy to do so. You will be amazed at how your vitality levels soar if you complete all your unfinished business.

What are the four categories of clutter?

What is clutter?

Clutter described at the purely physical level is defined as "a crowded and untidy collection of things". In Karen's definition there are four categories of clutter:

* Things you do not use or love
* Things that are untidy or disorganized
* Too many things in too small a space
* Anything unfinished.

How does clutter affect your life?

How does clutter affect your life?

Everything around you, especially your home environment, mirrors your inner self. So by changing your home you also change the possibilities in your own life. Removing obstacles that impede the flow of energy in your living environment creates more harmony in your life and also the space for wonderful new opportunities to come to you.

How do too many things in too small a space affect us?

Too many things in too small a space

With clutter of the just-too-much-for-the-amount-of-space variety, your home starts to feel as if it can't breathe, your own breathing will actually become tighter and shallower, and you will feel constricted in what you can do in your life.

Does clutter affect our lives?

Remove stagnant energy

If you have an area in your home that is cluttered such as a basement or garage or even a back bedroom, the energy will stagnate and affect your the corresponding sector of your life. For example if your financial sector is cluttered then you will have trouble making money, if it is your children sector then you will have trouble conceiving. Clear up this clutter and you will literally feel lighter and you will open the pathway to receiving what you need.

What does it mean if things are untidy or disorganized

Things that are untidy or disorganized

A home that is too tidy, where everything is "just so", is energetically sterile and can be as much of a problem as a place that is a complete dump. But your home is an outward representation of what is going on inside you, so if you are messy on the outside there is a corresponding mess of some kind on the inside too. By sorting out the outer, the inner starts slotting neatly into place.

Where can I put all of the Christmas cards I´ve received

Christmas card clutter

Often we receive so many Christmas cards we don't know where to put them! If you have Louver doors to your kitchen or any other room, hang the cards through the slots. This will minimize clutter and keep them on display in a neat and orderly way.

How many decorations should I put up?

Christmas decorations

Often we end up with decorations everywhere at this time of year. This creates a lot of clutter which in turn makes us feel overwhelmed. Avoid this by only hanging up the decorations that have sentimental value and use only a few spaces such as a fireplace mantle and front door or one table and one window depending on your decorations.

How do the things you do not use or love affect you?

Things you do not use or love

You are connected to everything you own by fine strands of energy. When your home if filled with things that you love or use well it becomes and incredible source of support and nourishment for you. Clutter on the other hand, drags your energy down, and the longer you keep it, the more it will affect you. When you get rid of everything that has no real meaning or significance for you, you literally feel lighter in body, mind and spirit.

Where do I put the Christmas tree?

The Christmas Tree

Often we run into the problem of where to put the Christmas tree while following the rules of Feng Shui. The best place is in the Fame location. The tree corresponds to the wood element but if you have many lights it would be best in the fame location which can have wood or fire. Do not put the tree where it will prevent "Chi" from circulating as your energy levels will become drained.

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