The characteristics of the Pig

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What are the characteristics of a Pig?

The characteristics of the Pig

People born in the year of the Pig are imbued with the energy of wealth. This may take the form of material riches, but it can manifest in many other ways. They are not obsessed by speed; they have a decent sense of time and are not hurried. They are not excessively worried about accumulating money; they may have modest means but are content with that. They are not driven by unreachable ambitions and are not panicked about getting ahead in life. They have their work to do and they simply get on with it. They are not intellectually competitive but are graced with natural humility. The Pig accepts the richness it is given by life and has no need to demand more. Sometimes mistaken for being sluggish, Pigs are highly intelligent, extremely perceptive, and have the ability to learn quickly. In times of difficulty, they become reflective, examining the situation and then proceeding with their solution. Pigs are unusually independant characters which possess considerable determination. That same inner power makes them great comrades, reliable and wise in times of crisis.



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